Welcome to my blog!

Welcome to my blog!

Some of you might remember this but before I started designing knitting patterns, I used to have a blog. I regularly wrote about what I was knitting, reading or baking at the moment, and when I first started to release my own patterns, they were available on the blog. Then Instagram came and suddenly people (myself included) no longer had time for the longer texts blogs on computer screens, it was all about the curated photos and fast paced scrolling on your iPhone.

Lately I have noticed that I'm missing my blog days more and more. Instagram has given me so many opportunities, but it does have its downsides as well. The ever-changing algorithms that decide what we see make it sometimes hard to reach my audience and engage with people, and the more meaningful posts get lost in all the other things that I post in my feed. I have often thought about making tutorials of the knitting techniques I like using, but Instagram hasn't felt like the right place to share content that should be easy to find and access even after a year has passed.

During the past year, I have been writing my second book, and looking back, I wish I would have been able to chronicle the process in blog posts. I miss sharing the journey of how a design came to be, and being able to easily go back on certain topics and read more about them. I miss the longer and more in-depth texts that blogs offer, the way you can easily link older posts and being able to search for the content you need. 

I also miss sharing lists of recommendations and my favorite things, such as what to do, see and eat if you are visiting my hometown Helsinki, my current favorite yarns, books and movies, and maybe even some occasional recipes that I have recently baked. 

So welcome to the reboot of my blog. I'm so excited to start sharing my knitting stories again with you!

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So happy to see you have decided to blog again! Also, congratulations on your newly-released book and very much looking forward to following you reading your thoughtful posts :)


Yay, it makes me so happy that you decided to do reboot your blog :) Sometimes I have the feeling the world is getting faster day by day and with this the transferred information via Instagram and all the other platforms needs to be further compressed. But at some point you just can’t fit in all the information and as you say it’s even more frustrating when you know the information is somewhere there on instagram but you just can’t find it due to the algorithm or the time that passed since it was posted… Long story short, I’m glad you’re reviving your blog and I’m looking forward to longer blogposts <3


Yes, I miss the blogs, too. Looking forward to your blogposts :-)


Oh so glad that you’ll be doing a blog.
Looking forward to following


Yay! I’ve been waiting for this for about a year when you first announced that you wanted to get back into blogging! Love that you’ll be getting back into this. :)

Elizabeth Villalobos

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