Recent knitted outfits

Recent knitted outfits

I wear my hand knitted garments almost every day. (The exception is when I do something messy where the changes are that I get dirt, paint or grease on my clothes, or if I exercise, because hand knitted sweaters are a bit more laborious to wash than store bought clothes as we all know!) So if you see me out and about the chances are that you will also see some of my precious knitwear. In the summer time you will probably see me wearing one of my summer tops or tees, and in the colder seasons I will most likely be wearing one of my warmer pullovers as well as a knitted beanie and maybe even a scarf and a collar.

Here are some of my recent favorite looks! Which one is your favorite?

1. Lykke pullover

The Lykke pullover is my most recent pattern release and also one of this season hottest new designs! I absolutely love this design, and have already made two of them, one with beige as the base color and black stripes, and another one with a bit less contrast - it has pearl gray as the main color with white stripes. 

I have worn both of them a lot! I love pairing the gray sweater with gray slacks, and a black handbag for monochrome look. Adding a black headband also brings a bit of French girl vibes to the outfit!

I have also loved pairing the beige and black sweater with light cream colored linen pants for easygoing chic look, but now that the weather has turned a bit too cold for such a lightweight fabric, I have changed to my black straight pants. 

2. Wood Anemone pullover

I usually prefer very neutral colors but every now and then I fall head over heels for a very bright and sometimes even very uncharacteristically "me" color. At the moment my current obsessions is this bright Yves Klein blue. 

I used to think blue doesn't suit me, as I'm more of an “autumn” person, and I usually choose warm tones like caramels, burgundy and olive. But I love this blue tone on me, and especially when I pair it with the other neutral items in my wardrobe. My favorite combination must be the blue Wood Anemone pullover paired with my warm brown trench coat, the colors really compliment each other!

Tip for choosing bright colors: if you want to try out a new color, use it for a small accessory (a beanie or a little scarf) first. That way you can see how the color looks with your hair and skin color and if it's something you are comfortable wearing. If you want to try a bright color, remember that there are different shades even within a specific color: if your skin tone works better with warmer tones, go for a warmer shade of bright pink (with orange undertones) or if you want a colder pink choose something with purple undertones. We also often think hat blue is automatically a cold color and red warm, but you can find warm and cold shades from both colors.

3. Colette pullover

One of my favorite trends at the moment has been the tone on tone trend, where you choose all pieces of the outfit from just one color, preferably even the same shade. 

I have loved matching my offwhite Colette pullover with  my light linen pants, and adding even a similar shade belt and my white Adidas sneakers. For a totally tonal outfit I might even choose a light cream or taupe handbag. I also love how the same brown trench coat as above, compliments even this look (and it almost looks like a totally different coat!)

4. Moon River Cable Hat and Viima Collar

Another example of tone on tone, but this time with accessories! The weather has turned significantly colder up here in Northern Europe, so I have already put my beloved trench coat to storage until next spring, and brought out the heavier coats. The black coat here is from a Finnish label called Archetype. I bought it last winter and it is super warm, and I also love how long it is! The only minus is the quite open neck (although there is a button to close the neck higher up too), so I like pairing the coat with a collar in the winter. 

My favorite collar at the moment is my Viima collar. This design is already from a few winters ago, but still very current and trendy. And classics like neutral colors, cables and turtlenecks never really go out of style!  The collar is knitted in one piece from top-down using DK weight yarn, so it is quite quick to make even though there is quite a lot of different textures.

I also love my Moon River cable hat at the moment. It is one of my more complicated hat patterns featuring a lot of different crossing cables, but the end result is amazing and totally unique! The hat is knitted top-down so it's prefect for single skeins and leftover yarns as you can make the brim as long as you yarn carries you. The hat is actually easier than it looks like, so if you are comfortable with knitting cables, this one should be totally doable for you! Just focus one one round of the cable chart at the time, and the rest will follow!

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