A Closer Look at My Book "Softly - Timeless Knits"

A Closer Look at My Book "Softly - Timeless Knits"

My book "Softy - Timeless Knits" should come out today, and I can't really contain my excitement about it. It's something I have been working on for over a year and a half, so finally getting to share what I have been up to behind the scenes feels at the same time joyous but also nerve-wrecking! 

It has been a bit hard to keep everything I have designed for the book a secret, but I wanted to save the feeling of newness for the moment the book is actually out in the world. The first designs of this book were knitted already a year ago, and I think if I had shown everything already back then, some of the anticipation for the book would have been lost. Everyone who knows me, knows I'm terrible at keeping secrets, I always share what I have bought as a gift for someone way before I should, because I just can't wait to share any good news, so you can just imagine how hard keeping this all in has been! 

Order the book here:  https://www.bemycozy.com/product/softly-timeless-knits/

If you want to see more about the designs in the book, I have filmed two YouTube episodes where I talk more about the designs in the book as well as the inspiration behind it. I also set up all the Ravelry pattern pages, where you can see all the yarn information, sizes, construction notes and so on. 

The Ravelry page for the book can be found here.

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Found you through Lisa from ‘And Sew On’. Your new book looks absolutely gorgeous! After a few decades I have picked up knitting again and look forward to your projects. Thank You! Laurel


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